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  Hebei Kai Cheng Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd. is a collection of R & D, design, production and sales of specialized lifting equipment manufacturing enterprises. The main specifications for the production of a variety of multi-functional tight line, hand chain hoist, hoist Shouban, lifting tackle and a variety of accessories, can also be designed according to customer needs all kinds of non-lifting gear.
  Hebei Kai Cheng Lifting Machinery Co., Ltd. plant is located in Beijing, Tianjin, three-stone to the junction, close Shengao Su Jing, 107 National Highway, Jing-Guang Railroad, and other major transport links, which are easily accessible, open information, in a unique geographical advantage.
  Hebei Kai Cheng Lifting Limited have advanced production equipment, strong technical force, skilled manufacturing process and improve the detection equipment; more than a decade and always adhere to the "people-oriented, quality," Zhichang the principle of strengthening internal management , Strict quality control and accumulated a wealth of practical experience, the formation of the "excellence" of the strict style of business, so that all Each product produced by the outstanding quality, allows users to rest assured that the peace of mind, enjoyable.
  Series lifting gear in strict accordance with national standards of production, access to the "export product quality certificate" by the Chinese People's Insurance Company underwriting. " Kai Cheng lifting" adhere to the "customer satisfaction and meet customer requirements" to ensure that each batch of product on time, according to the quality, according to the volume of delivery, service integrity to win the trust of customers, and established long-term and stable relationship between the trading partners.
  Lifting Kai Cheng-selling products over the years the United States, Best-selling Mexico, Argentina, Syria, Dubai, Turkey, Brazil, the United States, Russia, Ukraine, dozens of countries a dozen countries and regions in foreign markets have a good reputation, highly competitive. In recent years, and actively expand the domestic market, increase sales.
The future, " Kai Cheng lifting" with confidence, will, as always, the main base, the pursuit of excellence, for the majority of users with better, more refined means of Lifting Equipment.

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