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BCD explosion-proof electric hoist
  The BCD wire-rope explosion-proof electric hoist is designed, produced and inspected according to Specification GB3836—2000. It is applicable at such sites with explosion gas mixture combined by combustible gas, steam and air where the classification is IIA, IIB, IIC, the temperature group is T1—T4, and the explosion gas mixture zone are in 1 and 2 Situations.

   For the use of BCD type of electric hoist, the ambient temperature should be -20---+40℃, altitude below 1000m above sea level, the relative humidity is 85% (20+5℃). The main body of BCD type electric hoist can both be suspended on I- beam track for straight or curve traversing, or mounted on a fixed frame to lift heavy material. BCD type wire-rope explosion-proof electric hoist also can be fitted with LXB model explosion proof single girder suspension crane or LB,LHB model explosion proof single or double girder crane according to different requirements.

BCD Explosion Electric Hoist Specification

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