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Permanent magnetic lifter

Widely used in lifting and transporting flat and round steel loads , without the need for slings, clamps, or other holding devices, no damage to the surface of lifted goods, saving the lifting time and optimizing the piled up area.

1)Without power, No risk in the condition of no electrical source .
2)Use high-energy Permanent magnetic material to be smaller volume .

3) A great concentration of power with a safety factor 1:3.5 on the suggested load.
4) Optimized magnetic circuit together with appearance design made the structure of the product simple and firm ,even with a large air gap.
5) Special handle-operating switch with safety bottom
6) Type V through at the bottom of the holding face ; can lift round stick and steel panel. Type choice:

Please choose the related type according to the thickness ,weight of the lifted objects, material character, magnetic area , surface finish ,the space between it and magnetic lift, or the weight balance condition of the lifted objects.
Please refer to the application and safety notes for each respective lifter for safe operation

Permanent magnetic lifter Specification

MODEL Rated Lifting Capacity/KG DIMENSIONS/MM Max Breakaway Force/KG G.W./KG
PML-1 100 92 62 67 126 350 3
PML-3 300 162 92 91 150 1050 10
PML-6 600 232 122 117 196 2100 24
PML-10 1000 258 176 163 284 3500 50
PML-20 2000 378 234 212 426 7000 125
PML-30 3000 458 286 264 521 10500 220
PML-60 6000 600 430 355 430-900 21000 420


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