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DHK Endless Electric Hoist
  DHK endless chain elevator is the newest product developed by our company. It is not only reserves the legerity of chain hoist, but also improved from man-operated, and low lifting speed of the chain hoist. It has the advantages of both the chain hoist and the electric hoist. It is driven by the plate type braking motor, and decelerated by the reducer. It is compact, small, light, efficient, convenient, reliable to brake and easy to maintain. It is suitable for loading and unloading at low speed, installing equipment, mine, and engineering construction. It is cheap and reliable, which can bring convenience to your work.
Rated load (T) 1 2 3 5 10
Experimental load (T) 1.25 1.5 3.75 6.25 12.5
Power supply (V) 380V      50Hz
Electrical power (KW) 0.5 0.8 1.1 1.5 1.8
Speed (M / min) 2.5m/min 2.5m/min 2m/min 2m/min 1.5m/min
Minimum distance between the two hook (Mm) 300 380 470 600 730
Raise the standard high (M) 3
Net Weight 42 50 55 62 10
Each increase of 1 meter increase in weight (kg) 0.82 1.7 2.9 4.42 8.84
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