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My company has many years of spreader, slingers in the design, manufacture and service experience.
Electric hoist
CD1 MD1 Type Electric Hoist
Explosion-proof Electric Hoist
AS Electric Hoist
PK Electric Chain Hoist
PA200-PA990 Mini Electric Hoist Series
DHL Endless Electric Hoist Japanese technology
DHY Electric Chain Hoist
DHP Electric Chain Hoist
DHK Endless Electric Hoist
HQ pneumatic electric chain hoist
Chain hoist
HS-VT Series Chain Hoist
HSZ Series Chain Hoist
HSC chain hoist
Explosion-proof Chain Hoist
Lever Blocks
GCT/GCL Type Trolley
Explosion-proof Gread Trolley
Explosion-proof Plain Trolley
Permanent magnetic lifter
Lifting Chain
Chain Rigging
Clivers Links
Lifting Clambs
Hand Stacker
  Detailed product information
The characteristics of single-track electric car

  System in all cars, an independent driver;
  Track materials, the translation switch, dial, lift paragraph, and so on, the establishment of the open-delivery network;
  Control of a variety of ways, can be centralized control, decentralized control or distributed control methods, according to the car set-up process fully automatic operation of overlapping part of Chinese gown;
  Random materials supply system, the car can be a random bit to make an application through random car prepared to address key features of digital sewing, sewing have to be direct, material supply;
  Sorting distribution systems, loading car carrying the goods in accordance with the characteristics of the different types of portable address code, Gao read the site ground stations, enabling automatic sorting and distribution operations, and so on 。
Technical parameters
Type Length(m) Orbit(Kg) Gear diameter (Ф) Output gear Remarks
T-0.75-120 0.75 9 150 M3  
T-1.2-150 1.2 9 150 M3  
T-1.5-150 1.5 9 150 M3  
T-1.8-150 1.8 9 150 M3  
T-1.2-180 1.2 12 180 M4  
T-1.8-180 1.8 12 180 M4  
T-2.0-180 2.0 12 180 M4  
T-2.2-180 2.2 12 180 M4  
T-2.0-220 2.0 12 220 M4  
T-2.2-225 2.2 12 225 M4  
T-2.5-225 2.5 12 225 M4  
T-2.2-250 2.2 15 250 M4  
T-2.5-250 2.5 15 250 M4  
T-3.0-250 3.0 15 250 M4  
T-2.5-280 2.5 22 284 M4  
T-3.0-290 3.0 22 284 M4  
T-3.5-290 3.5 22 284 M4  
T-2.5-300 2.5 30 336 M4  
T-3.0-300 3.0 30 336 M4  
T-3.5-300 3.5 30 336 M4  
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